Monday, December 17, 2012


Weight Control during the Holidays: Highly Consistent Self-Monitoring as a Potentially Useful Coping Mechanism, Mexican drug smugglers now using T-shirt cannons to fire marijuana over border, Kamikaze conclusion for succesful Moon mission, a rare, but fun, rant, Hanukkah, Happy Holidays


Family Constellations and Eminence: The Birth Orders of Nobel Prize Winners, David's Church Time, A Woman's lip shape hints at her ability to acheive vaginal orgasms, Wife kills abusive husband in self defense, only to discover that he was woman wearing a prosthetic penis, The Nobel Prize, Paul is in the Himalayas doing research on the Yeti

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Quantum Randomness can be controlled by Free Will - A Consequence of the Before-Before Experiment, Church-going teens graduate and attend college more, BYU study shows, 'Bigfoot' is part human, claims study based on purported Sasquatch DNA, a rare, but fun, rant, Quantum Mechanics, Skeptics should question all scientific principles.